The Recent Works series are a departure from the flower pictures and are perhaps returning to some of my roots as an abstract colour painter.  I am searching for a contemplative and quiet image that sits on the wall and offers as much as you want to give it.  The pictures change as the light and colour around them changes and they reflect the world in which we live.


The works displayed in the online Gallery are available for purchase.  They are high quality giclee digital prints 30″ by 40″ using Archival quality inks  onto 340gsm archival matt canvas and are stretched using 38mm gallery stretcher bars and varnished.  Prints are all numbered limited editions.  Please contact me for further information.





If you would like to discuss working together on a bespoke commissioned project then please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Colour and Light

“That’s what it’s all about for me, whether the colour and the light in the image work together to deliver an experience that resonates with the viewer and with me.  And, of course, do I like it, does it all work together.

I’m not sure that there’s any difference between abstract or figurative work, it’s just about the image and does it fire up any recognition of past experiences, does it help to remember a time and place and emotion.  It has to or it doesn’t work.  Does that combination of colour and marks help to remember something, an experience. 

This body of work might be flower paintings or abstract colour pictures, they are the motif, the thing that starts it all off and helps to bring about the image.  From a starting point I have the tools to work on a combination of colour and marks.  These pictures are created electronically, rather than in paint, and the prints on show here are the originals, they only exist as digital images. 

Mike Hutchby studied Fine Art painting in Brighton under Dennis Creffield, a former member of the Borough Group which had been led by David Bomberg in the 1940’s.  Mike cites his influences as including Dennis, Patrick Burke, Frank Auerbach, Howard Hodgkin, Mathew Smith, de Kooning, and Rothko, of course, to name a few. 

Mike says the highlights of his career as a painter include being awarded a prize for a colour painting in 1974 by John Hoyland and as a student he exhibited a painting at the Mall Galleries in London. Misguidedly the judge Sir Roy Strong didn’t select his picture for an award.  

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